Serious Issues Continue

Alas, here I am on Christmas Day (Merry Christmas, people)… getting into a tizz because it seems now very likely that I have a serious problem with the screen of the iMac. Apparently the 20″ screens were (and still are) extremely poor quality. Unusual for Apple but there it is. I now have severe banding/streaking lines up and down my screen, and the severity depends on what colours are in use. I cannot get a fully black screen, its like theres a big light behind it, and gauze draped over the top. When applications open, it depends on the colours and gfx. Example below.

The very saddest thing, of course, is that the warranty on the computer was up about July, and I did not buy Applecare to get an extra couple of years. Foolishly, did not think I would need it. Looks like once it dies, it will be trashed.


3 thoughts on “Serious Issues Continue

  1. Kathy 25/12/2008 / 10:09 pm

    Yikes! Sorry to hear this. Maybe it means you’ll leave bad luck behind you in 2008, and it’s nothing but good luck in ’09!

  2. kyte 25/12/2008 / 10:17 pm

    Thanks, Kathy.. its back to the eMac for me, temporarily at least, I’ll ring Apple on Monday and see if they might consider a cheaper repair Dont like my chances though.

  3. kyte 27/12/2008 / 6:41 am

    I shut down the computer overnight, allowed it to cool… and right now my screen issues are not apparent. Just not sure how long it will take until it resurfaces. I guess allowing it to sleep does not have quite the same effect, so it looks like shutting down nightly may have to be the go, at least to give it a restette.

    [Edit] pffftttt. 30 minutes.

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