Serious issues with OSX Leopard

I don’t know how others are faring with OSX Leopard, but I have had some quite serious issues with it over the past few days.  I suppose I should have suspected that something was amiss when crashed a couple of weeks ago.  I didn’t give it a lot of thought because I use Mailplane for 99.9% of my email, now, as I also have my domain email hosted at google, so no real need for a traditional email client to be in use.

However, when mailplane crashed at launch, quite spontaneously, I knew there was a problem.  It happened on Sunday after I had updated iTunes and Safari and so, logically I thought (not so as it happens) that there must be an issue with either or both of those on my system.  So I reverted to an earlier backup, but to no avail.  mailplane is still crashing.  I then tried… and thats when I remembered that it had crashed a couple of weeks ago.  Addressbook, iCal, menuCalendarClock, and, oddly, Coda, all crashed at launch.  I tried to find solutions online only to discover that this problem is well known and has been discussed with no solutions forthcoming from Apple or its users, ever since Leopard 10.5.1

In the end, I found myself reinstalling the entire system from scratch (I started with Tiger and was tempted not to update to Leopard but, against my better judgement, did so) and over the past day have been updating system and other files as defined by Software Update.  Most recent was the overnight release of the next major update, 10.5.6.  And I downloaded that and tried to install it… but it hung.  Luckily it had not changed *any* files at all, and resetting the computer brought back 10.5.5.  Again, I am not Robinson Crusoe here, and the issue is already rearing its ugly head at Apple Discussions.

What to do?  keep persisting with Leopard, or revert to Tiger.

Currently, I can’t recommend to anyone to get a Mac, and to be honest, I really think that whats happened here is to do with the move to Intel and away from the Motorola chips… this is like using Windows 98 with all its BSODs.

I am pretty ticked off, as you can see.