Global Pension Plan

I may as well make semi regular (for that, read “annual”) posts about this scheme.

Its now a year since my last post which generated quite a bit of discussion, and I see that its still getting quite a few reads.

For those readers, then, here’s the current status. Please note that I am no longer making any claims either for or against the program. I am tired, I want to retire, but without this paying off, I will be working until I drop. Or decide to take the poverty option as soon as I can.

1) Still taking new members at a reduced rate (€20 as opposed to €30)
2) Still offering additional policy purchases to existing members
3) New closure date has been set at January 31, 2009.

I think we have had, now, three actual closure dates. All explanations for delays have been entirely believable.

I paid in $50 (AU: at the time, the exchange rate sucked) to become a member: that is all you are doing here, buying a membership. The fee is NOT REFUNDABLE; a point I think which has been completely ignored by many who have joined up… there are some who seem to think its an “investment”. WTF? I have not paid in any more than this, but many have done so. There is one extremely well heeled Chinese businessman who was so convinced that the proposal could work, he bought in not only for himself, but for his entire company, a total of 10,000 people. Wish he was in *my* downline!

There are people in my downline (which now numbers 113) who are still putting more cash into this deal. I’m content with having made my gamble (I put more into the work lotto syndicate than I did here, every year), and now patiently await the outcome. There has been nothing new since the 20th November, at which point it was announced that unless all documents are in, the program will close (on the date specified) with no payout. I could do with that €1,742,000.00 in referral earnings, not to mention the original €55,000 as well. I must confess, I had to suspend disbelief as the numbers surged over €100,000

Anyone want to take a guess at what is going to happen?

Please note, the question is rhetorical, and comments are closed. The last post generated some vitriol which I really don’t feel like having again.

[Edit: 21st December 2008] And now we are on a different URL. Stella sent out an email saying how silly she was because she forgot to renew the domain. D’uh. She’s handling millions of dollars and forgot to renew the domain. yeah, right. So now we are on a free domain (.tv is free) and I reckon its about 3 seconds before the domain disappears entirely, and all that money along with it. Oh well, it was a decent ride whilst it lasted.