Sunrise in the Suburbs

The sky was on fire this morning, I did not get down to the beach, its a work day and I didn’t have the energy to put in a 12 hour day. This is what I could see from just down the road.

It was bright red when I opened the front door to let the cats out… but soon turned orange like this, and it was gone in just a few moments, leaving only the grey.


2 thoughts on “Sunrise in the Suburbs

  1. Kathy 04/12/2008 / 9:46 am

    I’m very lucky to have views like that out my back patio window. And you’re right. Sometimes the color vanishes within minutes. I’ve learned my lesson, though. Grab the camera immediately!

  2. kyte 04/12/2008 / 10:09 am


    Oh yeah, camera at the ready at all times. I was down at the beach this morning (the radar lied and said there was hardly any cloud…) and people were looking at me as if I was stark raving mad (mind you, 5.30am swimming at Merewether pool… not sure who’s mad)… I spent a lot of time pointing the Pentax at the sky and click click click. You just have to be ready at all times, and ready to get going too, if need be.

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