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I entered this competition early in October. The theme was “green” and it was to close on October 31. I have no doubt that I am not the only frustrated entrant. Its as if the whole thing was a hoax or something. The competition has not closed, nor has it been judged, and I have no idea what is going on. The email address one is supposed to send to, to have entries removed, does not respond, the mail server is apparently dead. I’m pretty p’d off, I reckon I was in with a chance for a prize. I wouldnt have minded getting some more Fuji kit.

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From: “Kyte Flyer”
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2008 21:29:51 +1100
Subject: Competition
Dear Competitions at MyFuji

I was wondering if the competition is to be closed and judged. October 31st has come and gone, and there is no indication on the site of what is happening. The next theme has not yet been announced either (will there be another competition or is that it?)

It would be really good if an announcement could be made on the front page of the comp, that its now closed and judging has commenced.

Please keep us informed, I am sure I am not the only participant regularly checking for news.


No wonder I never got a response. BAH!


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  1. kyte 03/12/2008 / 4:15 pm

    Further to this and after two more emails to a different address, there is some recognition that all is not right at the MyFuji site, and a promise that all will be set to rights. Its going to take some time, I think.

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