Windows Software on a Mac?

I’ve been struggling with the fact that two applications on Windows are not available on Macintosh. One of them is Picasa, an image management tool from Google, and which is similar to but not the same as iPhoto. I like iPhoto, but I also want to use Picasa (at least long enough to see what the fuss is about).

I also want to use Simply Budgets, which I have written about on a separate page.

For both of these, and many other applications only available on Windows, I have been forced to install Windows on Bootcamp (and last time that led to a complete meltdown through user error, and loss of work), or else into a Virtual Machine via Parallels or VMWare Fusion (my preferred method so far).

However, Codeweavers have produced Crossover for Mac. I had used it in the past on Linux, to get access to Office. Now its here on Mac. I don’t need the applications they are touting as being compatible. We seriously don’t need to use a Windows version of Office when we already have a native version as well as the clones. Similarly, many of the other apps already have a MacOSX native version. But there are no native versions of Picasa, Simply Budgets, or Paintshop Pro.

I’m able to report that Picasa works flawlessly, as does Simply Budgets. Paintshop Pro X crashes when you try to start it, Mio Digiwalker will not install (dammit, I really am ticked about that, my MioC520 wont talk to my Mac at all). I’ve yet to try older versions of PSP, but expect that one or more of them might work.

Here’s a screenie of my Desktop, with Picasa running perfectly well under Crossover for Mac.

I might add that the system drain is negligible, unlike VMWare or Parallels, so I am pretty pleased. One Crossover licence coming up! Its only $39.95 for the standard licence which is all I need, and as soon as the dollar gains some strength against the US dollar, I will be purchasing.


3 thoughts on “Windows Software on a Mac?

  1. tcimac 28/10/2008 / 6:13 am

    Ok, a couple of questions.

    1. I use Picasa on my Mac. Are you referring to some sort of software version, because I just use the website to load photos etc… I am confused by your dilemma??

    2. The picture of your desktop – are those widgets on your desktop because you are running some sort of windows thing or are you able to display widgets from the dashboard on your mac desktop and I don’t know about how to do that!?!?!?

  2. kyte 28/10/2008 / 9:44 pm

    1) Yup, There’s a software application available for Windows, called Picasa. We Mac users have had iPhoto for ages, but until Google created Picasa, Windows users did not really have a good generic image management application. On Mac, we have always had access to picasa on the web, as well as plugins for iphoto for uploading. Its a different animal, and if you havent used it, don’t bother, after some fiddling with it I have found its not quite as flawless as I first thought, and I definitely prefer iPhoto even though there are things about it that annoy the heck outta me. Overall its a better application.

    2) I can never get the dashboard widgets onto my desktop and thats where I want them, so I don’t really use dashboard except to check currency exchange rates from time to time. The other widgets (IP, Weather, Internode use) are courtesy of an app called Konfabulator which has subsequnetly been bought by Yahoo and is now known, tediously, as Yahoo Widgets. They should have kept its name. Its available for both Mac and Windows. You need to download and install the yahoo widget engine and then get the widgets yu want. Just an FYI, Konfabulator pre-dated Dashboard by several years.

    The uptime info and calendar on the desktop are via scripts just calling on inbuilt BSD stuff I guess. I followed instructions on how to use Geektool, which are on

  3. tcimac 30/10/2008 / 9:58 pm

    1. OK, I didn’t know about the Picasa software. I use the web and have downloaded the Picasa Web albums Uploader. Works for what I want – but then again, I don’t think I have used anything better???

    2. I didn’t realise that Yahoo Widgets worked on Mac !?!?

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