Tripods and Night Shooting

Well, it works! I went off to Stockton tonight, near the ferry. A friend accompanied me (we had been off to dinner) and I set up the tripod for the first time. I was wanting to see how my S8000fd would perform if it wasn’t in my hands, and if I played with the manual controls. I still have a lot to learn, and I still think the following shot would be better had it been taken with a DSLR, but it didnt do too badly for a cheap cam and a cheap tripod. I am going to have to play with it a lot more.

The shot is not fantastic, I know, but remember its my first attempt and is the best of what seemed to be a pretty awful bunch. Overexposed, underexposed, tripod jiggled… but… practice makes perfect, and if I can find someone to come with me tonight and/or tomorrow night, I’ll try again.