I can feel a big purchase coming on

I bought the Fuji. Its decent, but not what I wanted so its going up for sale, and I am going to do what I ought to have done before, instead of the stop-off with the compact Olympus MJU1020, and the Fuji S8000fd. What I was looking for was a digital SLR without having to actually have one. Perhaps if I had bought the Fuji I was originally looking at (S100fs), I would not be at this point now.

However I am there now, I want a DSLR, and Camera House has 18 months interest free. I can manage that, easily. I may even choose to layby instead, if thats an option, rather than take a finance contract.

What do I want?
Pentax K20D with a Pentax 18-250mm lens: VERY nice glass, price for the cam + lens around $1670 at DCW. Dirtcheapcameras has it for the same price. I’ll get a price from CH, hope they can match it. Examples of photographs taken with various pentax cameras and this lens is at this location and remember these people are great photographers, but it shows what can be done.

I am also interested in the Sony Alpha 300 or 350, both have live view with a screen which can be angled somewhat so you can get shots from otherwise impossible angles… and theres a Tamron 18-250mm lens I can get with an alpha mount.

Then theres Canon and Nikon. But the problem is, to get something like the K20D in Sony, Canon and Nikon, I am going to be spending a lot more money. And I need to keep that under control.

And my car registration is coming up next month.