Binge Drinking and Bandaid Therapy

It seems that the NSW government is going to employ “specialist nurses” to work in emergency depts in Newcastle and Sydney because of the escalating nature of binge drinking. The words “stable door” and “horse” spring to mind.

The advertising campaigns have failed. The school education programs have failed. Here’s the solution…

SHUT THE DAMN PUBS AT A DECENT HOUR AND DONT LET THEM OPEN SO EARLY! (oh wait… thats no good… state revenue will fall through the floor)

Also… how about preventing the manufacture of alcoholic beverages which are designed to get young girls and boys on the booze… if it tastes like softdrink its a short bloody run to a binge drinker. (Oh gosh… if the kids arent on the booze, and bingeing, who’s going to pay…)

Jeez… Aussie goverments… get real… just for once. And for gods sake the money you make out of the booze is NOT worth the bodies, minds and lives of these kids.

Do something constructive, and meaningful, and stop with the bullshit solutions that will do SFA to solve the problem. I, for one, am sick to death of one government after another making itself look good by offering up a solution that those of us on the ground know is going to fail.