PayPal: Account raided.

Now here is a very interesting thing:

I have a paypal account which I have been using in absolute safety (I thought) for a number of years. I don’t click on random links in emails and I always access Paypal by typing the address into the address bar of my browser. I have never bought anything off eBay (aka feebay) and never intend to.

And yet, a sum of $508USD was removed from my bank account without my permission or knowledge, yesterday. I have submitted a dispute to PayPal and I suppose I might get the money back. Sometime. In the meantime I have lost just over half this fortnight’s pay.

Did I want a 2G iPhone from Indonesia? erm… no…. I have an iPhone already. Do I think for one minute that this iPhone would actually arrive here? No. Am I pissed off? You betcha. Am I dumping my paypal account as soon as I can? Yep, I am.

[Addendum] Well, I must confess that I am very impressed with PayPal and not at all now inclined to follow yesterday’s kneejerk reaction. Paypal have followed up, and made a decision in my favour, and the full amount should be refunded to my bank account in this coming week. One decision I have made is that I will be unlinking my current account and linking a different account, instead. One which has no funds in it, and into which I will place funds as and when required. This situation has given me a nasty scare and I would suggest that others using Paypal do a similar thing… or only use a credit card, not a debit card, because credit cards at least have the chargeback option.

Anyway, all sorted, and within 48 hours of the original unauthorised transaction. Well done, PayPal.