New and inventive Spam Technique

For those of you who publish your own blogs:

A comment is posted by a real person who asks how to contact the site administrator, If, like me, you have your spam handler set up for certain conditions, you’ll get a notification. If, like me, you think that this is just an innocent question… don’t be foolish. There are only two outcomes:
1) You allow the comment through and answer it on site… and once the comment is through, the comment spam starts (so you go back and recategorise the original as spam, and you don’t let any more through). Observe the number of comments which have been filtered by typepad antispam since I switched from Akismet… its only been a few months to get to over 2000 and most has been in the last month. Maybe it will slow down now but I am not hopeful.
2) You email the individual concerned. If you do, make sure you do it with a disposable email address because I promise you, you will open your real email to more spam than ever, if you respond.

So.. a message to those Russian spammers who are currently trying this technique with me… Don’t bother. You are wasting your time now, I’ve figured it out.