3G iPhone: Soon, for me.

UGH! I swore I wasn’t going to. I upgraded my 1st generation iPhone to v2 firmware and found it sluggish and a royal pain in mnay ways, so last weekend I spent the time and effort and 4 hours later had successfully downgraded to the last of the v1 firmware, 1.1.4. Problem was, I missed some of the apps I had bought or acquired from the Apple appstore, so I decided to upgrade again and just tolerate the slower more painful backups and general accessing… easy, right? Just Option-click-Restore and reinstall your PWNed .ipsw? errr… nope. I got error after error and it did not matter whether I tried to use the pwned software, the regular Apple software, update or restore… I just got errors. So it looks like I am stuck with v 1.1.4 on this phone until/unless I work it out OR I buy a new 3G iPhone (and I am drooling at the thought… I know I shouldn’t but I am)

[Edit: 17/09/2008] Well, maybe not yet. I’ve been able to update to the newest firmware, 2.1, and the sluggishness has disappeared entirely. Phone is back to normal, fast, and functional in the latest firmware. I dont know why I am fussing, I have never updated mobile phone firmware in my life. But.. I guess this is more like a computer than a phone.