Sometimes I want to be irresponsible

The problem with being me, is that although I do have little spendup times, generally I am painfully and tediously sensible, as many who know me well can attest to.

I really really wanted to get a new camera. And I will, it just is not going to be any of those I wanted. I was really excited about getting a decent tax refund, and had every intention of going out today and buying a superduper DSLR (yes I had changed my mind again, and had the money to be able to do that) but, instead, I have just logged out of my bank website after having just paid around $1200 in bills. Some were outstanding, most were not. Its just that time of year… theres just once in every year when it seems everything comes at once, and thats usually August/September, for me.

So… I am MAYBE going to get a new camera later today. There is an acceptable under $500 compromise, if there are any left now. Otherwise, its all going to have to wait until next year.

And I seem to have left my newish Olympus somewhere… or dropped it out of my bag… no idea… but now I have to go in to the office on my days off and search there, because there is noplace else it could possibly be. What a bloody pest.

[Edit] Camera found and new one bought. Obsolete (2007 model, now superceded by an 8100… not a lot of difference except MP) Fujifilm S8000fd, 18x zoom, 8MP, does macro and everything else I wanted it to. My 3 year old Olympus C760 will now go to live in a new home, depending on who wants it.