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I’ve mentioned in my last post, its the first one I found. Subsequently I have also found a few others. I’ll only mention here the ones which are Mac compatible. You can assume, unless I state categorically otherwise, that they are also Windows compatible. Linux is a whole other ballgame, I have no idea, but might look into it once I reinstall VMWare and some guest operating systems.

5G – Windows Live Skydrive. Yes, its Mac compatible. Its interface is easy to use, and it works. Its part of the system and as such is more geared toward file, document and photo sharing etc. Screenies coming.

5G – 4-shared. Like Skydrive, also geared toward sharing of files, photos, documents etc. I believe this one is also Linux compatible but won’t swear to it

2G – IDrive for Mac and Windows. Has a downloadable desktop client from which you do your file choices and backups. Not designed for file sharing so not in the same category as Skydrive or 4-shared

2G – Mozy for Mac and Windows. Also has a downloadable desktop client from which you do your backups. Both of the latter have decent interfaces which are flexible in terms of choices you make.

I’ll create screenshots for all these and add more detail to the post, and I’ll also add a screenie for as well.

Bear in mind all these are limited, but a bit of judicious choice and you can get most of what you need backed up online. And of course you are not like me, and you do have other backups of your important stuff, don’t you. Nobody who reads here would fall into the StupidUser category would they?

Addit: Mozy has a referral system. If others join from your link, you get extra space. This has to be a good thing. I am not going to pester everyone I know with emails, but I am going to place the link in the text here, and also have a small advertising piece in the sidebar. Soon.


4 thoughts on “Free Storage Solutions

  1. Michael 01/09/2008 / 10:53 pm

    I tried a dozen or more storage sites before settling on Windows Skydrive. As you say, it just works. It’s very easy to upload a photo and use it in a blog.

  2. kyte 02/09/2008 / 4:58 am

    I’ve become so paranoid about losing things now, I’ll be using all of the above 🙂 Had not thought to use Skydrive (or 4Shared) as a place to store my photographs for posting to the blog either, but the issue in doing that would be size.. I want to store my pix at full size, and for the blog that would be a pain, so I guess I’ll still continue to upload to the website until I decide on another photo storage solution for blog pix. Currently I’m waffling between imageshack, photobucket and picasa.

  3. Michael 04/09/2008 / 7:44 pm

    I always resize the blog pics before uploading to Skydrive. I wouldn’t use it for permanent storage of full-size personal photos.

    A bit like you, I want them on my own server and my own hard drive/USB.

  4. kyte 04/09/2008 / 8:40 pm

    You know, if I had not posted a bunch of pix at photoshopexpress, I would have NONE of the original full sized ones. And for blog pix (when needed) I guess will do the deal for me

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