Backup, and Backup Often!

That’s what my friend Gary told me this morning as I was bemoaning a moment of stupidity which has cost me the entire contents of my internal drive on the iMac. I had been down the path of a Bootcamped Windows partition before, and I knew what I was doing… I thought.

Somehow (and I really have no idea how) when I began the bootcamp process, in creating a partition for Windows to live in, it also created a dos-based MBR on the other partition, without so much as a by-your-leave. I have NO idea what I did to create this problem, but I cannot think it was the software because it worked perfectly well in the past. Anyway, damage done, around 4000 photos lost, music gone, and documents vaporised.

Lesson is only this: Backup and do it often. To which end I am about to begin using Leopard’s Time Machine with my external 200G drive. I am also looking into getting an external RAID array, and Gary has pointed me at some very nice kit (an external enclosure and a drive or two) at EYO, a company he’s used for years and recommends highly for online purchasing.

In the meantime, I need to see about things like: addressbook contacts and passwords… and download all the system and iLife updates i need… sighhh… all because I wanted Windows in a separate partition.

Oh well… Onward!