Camera Decisions

Fortunately I have no money free at the moment to pursue a camera, but I am on the hunt so that when I do have the cash flow, I’ll be able to act almost right away.

The Fujifilm S100FS is a bridge camera (I’ve been calling them semi-compacts until this week, only just found out the correct term). It is almost like an SLR except the lens doesn’t disconnect. It does the things I want: long zoom, 1cm macro, image stabilisation and so forth. It also does RAW which is excellent in terms of image quality. It has been getting excellent writeups and reviews, from Choice to yer average camera website…

Disadvantages: Its just as heavy and large as a DSLR and for the price (RRP in Australia $899) you might as well get a DSLR.

The Olympus bridge cameras I was looking at are now apparently obsolete. Nobody has much stock and we don’t have any idea whats coming. I already bought an obsolete Olympus, so I don’t think I want any more. And I can use my Olympus XD cards in the Fuji, so at first, at least, I wont need to buy any new storage media.

In Digital SLRs I’m attracted to the Sony Alpha Series, and the basic 10MP version the A200 with a twin lens kit is currently under $1000, and the Nikon D60 with a twin lens kit which goes close to $1500.

I think ultimately I will end up with another bridge camera, just because the DSLR money is too much for me. This, from someone who paid two month’s wages without blinking for a top-of-line Minolta 35mm SLR in 1973. The Fuji is looking like the only serious contender right now, with Olympus (the only other consideration which does RAW) in the midst of model changes.

[Edit] I read this past weekend (24/8) that the Sony cameras are actually Konika-Minolta. I had no idea they had bought that company out. Makes the Sony even more appealing to me, and in spite of people warning me off because the image stabilisation is in camera rather than in lenses, this appeals because it won’t matter which lenses I get, so a Sony body, a Tamron 18-250mm, plus a decent macro would do the deal for me entirely…

OR: the Fuji. Dammit. I hate these decisions. Maybe I should get both!!

Anyone got any thoughts on all this?


2 thoughts on “Camera Decisions

  1. Michael 22/08/2008 / 9:42 pm

    Just dream thoughts. They look beautiful. I regret the last Pentax I bought about five years ago. It got damaged and I can’t see the point in repairing a film camera.

    Cameras, computers, electronics are among the few items that are cheaper in real terms now than 10 years ago.

  2. kyte 23/08/2008 / 11:48 am

    I just keep collecting cameras, Michael.. I’ve got 7 or 8 now (including my Dad’s old Zeiss Ikonta), and am always looking for the best I can get. Been happy with my old C760UZ Olympus but its long been superceded, and 3.2MP doesnt cut it anymore. I confess that I have not used a film camera for a couple of years now.

    I think its time for a digital SLR and my tax refund will be enough to do the deal, I’ve discovered. But which one…

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