Today’s iMac screenshot. Killing time whilst trying not to finish the job I began earlier…


2 thoughts on “Screenie

  1. Geoff 11/08/2008 / 7:54 pm

    Hi I am killing time too – have to go and collect our youngest daughter from drama classes in 10 minutes – not enough time to use so I’ll browse. Your website has changed its look again! You obviously enjoy playing around with themes.

  2. kyte 12/08/2008 / 2:46 am

    *Laughing* oh yes, Geoff, I do indeed.

    I used to do a lot of theming for various scripts etc I used on the website… never bothered doing so with Mindlessblather when I had it (too busy blathering), but always with Hamarana. I’ve had the domain since November 1999, and prior to blogging had a static site for a while, advertising my web design services (I decided clients were too much hassle) and then used various CMS scripts like phpNuke, e-Xoops and others. In the early days of this blog incarnation (previously I used Pivot as the blog script) I created them myself but as the script has matured and I have not kept up, I’ve left it to those more able (or perhaps motivated) than myself. I also used to theme/skin for various Windows apps and was very involved in the early development of one in particular, via themes and alpha/beta testing… but those days are gone. Perhaps I’ll make an effort again. Someday 🙂

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