MobileMe: Apple hype

Anyone who knows me, knows I am inclined to be a bit of an Apple apologist… I tend to like most products Apple produce and am not slow to say so. I am about to make another exception, as I did previously, with dotMac.

MobileMe is the new product which Apple touts as being the best thing, really, since sliced bread. Its an online storage, email, and syncing solution. You can also have a website there, and your own photo gallery. All in all it looks like a fairly decent product. But… gone are older features from dotMac: iCards -> gone. Groups -> gone (though they might return, not sure about that)… I am also NOT that keen on having *any* userID at It seems weird. The best feature is the price vs storage (20G is expensive anywhere, so getting it for $119AU per year seemed like a good deal… until you find that data transfer is restricted to 200mb… what???? – errr… see the edit below!)

So I tried it for this past weekend, played with it when I could get into the site (lots of teething problems) and found it to be visually very attractive, but functionally lacking. So, as I did with dotmac, I have cancelled my account. I’ll use other options to run my website (looks like the blog stays!) and will seek photo hosting elsewhere…

[Edit] Geoff has pointed out to me that 200 GIGABYTES is the transfer, not 200 MB. What on earth was I thinking!!


4 thoughts on “MobileMe: Apple hype

  1. Michael Fox 14/07/2008 / 1:34 pm

    data transfer restricted? wtf that sucks.

    I was going to purchase it as a family pack, but having read your post have advised my wife to hold of on purchasing it.

    Think I will continue to monitor how things go before I make any commitment to purchase.

  2. kyte 14/07/2008 / 5:51 pm

    Look, it might be worthwhile getting the trial account (just make sure you delete your account before the 60 days is up). You can check it out yourself… the data restriction might be something i misinterpreted. I confess to jumping the gun and deleting the account before i looked too hard, I was so ticked off at the time.

  3. Geoff 29/07/2008 / 10:18 pm

    The monyhly data transfer limit is 200GB not 200MB. At 200MB per month it would take 8 years to fill your 20GB! I have dotmac (now mobileme) because I wanted the idisk. It works as advertised but transferring files is quite slow. A 10MB file can take 15 minutes to upload. A bit disappointing really. And what a stupid name. I agree with you – email sounds silly.

  4. kyte 30/07/2008 / 3:16 am

    There ya go, I knew I must have been looking at it cross-eyed! I’m dementing, Geoff.

    iDisk is excellent. I actually wanted it for the capacity and photographic storage… my hosting account is for 500Mb, plenty if I was not posting so many photographs as i do these days.

    I may resort to mobileme after all, I’ve upgraded my iPhone to the v2 software (and may yet cave and buy a 3G one, but I am waiting to see what upgrades they will do on the next version)…anyway, it would be good to be able to take advantage of all that MM can offer. At the price, its way cheaper than standard hosting. 200Gb is a lot better than Mb. Dear heavens.. what was I thinking!!!

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