3G iPhone Hack Progress

Well well well, I don’t quite know how this has happened, but Zibri has managed to get a hold of one of the new iPhones and commenced work on patching and unlocking the baseband. Which, it seemed, he managed to get done in record time. This means that V2 of the firmware *and* the new iPhone will be unlockable.

What this means in real terms I am not sure. Perhaps the phone will be usable on any network. On the other hand if the phone is not available except on contract, the only use for an unlock will be to get at 3rd party applications not available on the App Store. And I know a lot of the devs are stopping free software now and starting to charge for it, so there might not be that much available at first.

However: If you can get a prepaid iPhone 3G, its probably going to be only marginally more expensive than a contracted one (expect under $300… if its more, its gouging) and then you can unlock it… well… all I can say is… OH YESSS PLEASE!

[edit] On the other hand, Vodafone Italy is going to be selling it as a prepaid and the prices they are quoting are huge. 499 euros for the 8G which equates roughly to $AU817 on todays exchange rate. That is too much. But perhaps Voda australia and Optus won’t charge that much (yes, they will be doing it as a prepaid as well). maybe?


5 thoughts on “3G iPhone Hack Progress

  1. Mark 15/06/2008 / 12:18 pm

    I wonder if we can assume that China is one of the sixty countries? I remember seeing an article a couple of months ago, that Apple was negotiating with China Netcomn for the iPhone contract in China. Unlocked 1.1.2 iPhones have been selling there for US$600 since Jan, 2008.

  2. kyte 15/06/2008 / 1:28 pm

    Its not on the list attached to Zibri’s post…

  3. Mark 18/06/2008 / 5:41 pm

    No, I just watched the WWDC keynote and China isn’t one of the 70 nations… DOH!

  4. nikhil 20/07/2008 / 7:52 pm

    Compared to vodafone and optus 499 euros is not too bad. Although optus isnt too much higher, round $800.

  5. kyte 20/07/2008 / 10:18 pm

    Seems the hack progress is not as good as first appeared. Zibri has been making noises about not doing the deal anymore and apparently there are some suggestions that he is unable to progress because his access to code has been restricted. ie: he mostly works off other people’s work and rebundles. This is not to take away from the ziphone solution which is much easier to manage than most, and certainly better than what we had to do last year which involved several hours work, but lately there have been rumblings and it seems that (alas) the pwnage tool is the only thing which will work, eventually.

    Pricewise: I paid $659 for my generation 1 iPhone, I don’t especially want to fork out $800 for a 3G iphone when most of what I want is already available. I probably wont even upgrade the firmware at this stage, unless the current apps I use are updated to work with it. And one is not certain that they will be.

    Too expensive by far, IMO. But then I would never pay huge amounts for the N95 and other like bits of kit, either.

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