Akismet and the Spam Queue: Whine.

Akismet has been doing a fabulous job on keeping my comments pretty much spam free for the past couple of years but lately its been blocking a couple of friends of mine and I am getting really really ticked off about it.  I don’t actually check the spam queue that often, maybe weekly, because I expect that Akismet will do what its supposed to.  And, generally, it does.  But poor Geoff and Jenny have been caught in some kind of reality distortion field and keep ending up in the spambox.  Now, given that I know these two are not spammers, WTH is Akismet doing???

I have no clue.  I’ve written to the Akismet crew via the contact form today and requested that they (G&J)be removed from whatever blacklist they are on… but geez, I thought Akismet was supposed to learn, when you despam comments.  And it is not.  This is a pest.  Even more of a pest is in disabling it for a while until this is sorted, I have to manually deal with the spam that ends up in the moderation queue.

[end whine]


2 thoughts on “Akismet and the Spam Queue: Whine.

  1. Michael 09/06/2008 / 3:14 pm

    I’m back to using Aksimet on one site after trying Defensio for a while. I find that both exhibit strange behavior occasionally.

    There’s a new human verification plugin available for WordPress that might be worth a look.

  2. kyte 09/06/2008 / 9:35 pm

    Yah I have switched it on again, I hope that Matt can remove Geoff and Jenny from the blacklist. I dont really want to do the human verification stuff etc but I’ll take a look. Got a link?

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