Email Hoaxes

I suppose I get two or three of these every month, sent by well-meaning friends. Today’s post is prompted by an email I received today, cautioning me (and the others in the cc list) not to flash headlights if you see someone coming who has not turned their headlights on. The story goes that its a gang initiation rite and if you flash your lights you will become a target for murder and mayhem.

it is NOT true. Its a hoax, and its been around for at least 10 years that we know of, and probably longer.

The thing is, whenever you get one of these warnings in your email, no matter whether you normally trust the source or not, it behooves you to make enquiries of your own before mindlessly blasting a CC to everyone on your email list.

The places to check on email hoaxes are Snopes, Hoax Slayer, and, indeed, at any of the sites you can find by googling “email hoaxes” and then doing a search. It took me about 5 seconds to find out that the flashing headlights thing is rubbish. Thats better than clogging up the email systems of the planet by just forwarding everything that hits yer mailbox.

PLEASE PLEASE just THINK before you hit the FWD button.