Golden Talk

You’ve all been reading off and on about my adventure with Global Pension Plan (which is still very much in the wind…) but what most of you don’t know is that I have been spending a lot of my time over the past couple of years on a forum with the name as in the title of this post.

I found GT quite by accident after following a signature link from another forum which I no longer go to at all. Golden Talk is a forum for discussion and information relating to making money online (fast). I’ll leave it to your imagination what that means in real terms.

What needs to be said is this… the forum does not allow idiots, fools, and timewasters to continue to post drivel and rubbish. There’s a strict set of rules of behaviour and thats why I am still there (and am now a moderator). So, if you thought you wouldn’t mind taking a look at whats happening online, in a safe environment (absolutely NO spam will ever be generated by Golden Talk through membership. The same cannot be said of programs you might join as a result of info gained there). All the mods are sensible individuals and can be relied upon to keep things in order.

So… interested in taking a look? Here you go!