More on the Plovers

Well, baby plover is growing awfully fast now. I’ve been observing them fairly closely as regular readers would know, and today was delighted to see him (or her) attempt a small flight. He made about 3 feet actually in the air. I tried to photograph him in flight but its seeming as soon as I get out there with the camera he squats where he is and sits very still. Maybe in the next few days.

In the meantime plover parents are still guarding carefully but like all good parents, are allowing him a little independence. So whilst they still keep watch, its now from a much greater distance, whereas when he was tiny, there was always one standing close by. Now they are both at many metres distance and even fly out of sight to chase off the odd bird seen as a threat. They no longer care at all that I am nearby and are happy to leave me to watch him too. Its kinda nice 🙂

I’ll try to get a few decent shots to add to this post tomorrow.