Global Pension Plan Again

The GPP people made it possible to buy more endowment policies (yes, its not a pension, really… we are talking traded endowment policies) prior to the December closure. Many people in my downline have decided to go for it and as a result my referral earnings have trebled. This means that, all things being equal and payout being as they say and on time… I should be able to retire around mid 2008… and I can honestly say I am really looking forward to it.

They are still taking new members, which surprised me, I think they may have dumped the notion of sticking with 100k members, and they are offering another 250k policies up for sale to existing members… However they have set a closure date at 31st December, paperwork to be done by the end of January and payout in February.

I am not buying any more policies, I am doing nicely and I am keeping all my fingers crossed that this comes off. Its doable, its legal, but its in the lap of the gods as to whether its actually a scam.


2 thoughts on “Global Pension Plan Again

  1. kat 16/09/2008 / 4:40 am

    ok, so i have read a lot of blogs and things on this Global Pension plan, and i even tried to go on the website to see if i could read more information about it, and i couldn’t. it seems that i have to be a memeber before i am able to read anything from the actual company, program, board members, whatever…… that made me a little skeptical. and i know those who are part of the program and they are still waiting for payouts… you said, it could happen, but my thing is, if they promised a close date, and payout dates, why keep delaying them. if its all true and a legally legit orgazization, why are there federal inquiries onto what the Global Pension Plan really is….i’m just trying to get som factual things, no “maybes”…..

  2. kyte 16/09/2008 / 5:03 am

    It is no more and no less than a gamble.

    If you look for guarantees and evidence and facts in matters of this kind are looking at the wrong deals. If you want guarantees, or facts, stick to the stock market or a term investment at your bank. And at this stage, dont even think about joining GPP. The gamble does not look like paying off. Do I care? Not really. I never expected that it would pay off, it just would have been very nice if it did.

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