Fixed the iPhone

I decided I should upgrade the firmware after all, as I really did not want to get left behind. Bricked on the first attempt… reflashed the baseband and “virginised” then upgraded to the next firmware version (1.1.1). FW 1.1.2 is out now, and apparently fixes the issue we have in Australia with voicemail not being notified by SMS. The only current solution to that is to check missed calls (which are correctly recorded) and then check voicemail once in a while.

Everything is working as it should at the present time, and I am hanging out for the hack to get my phone to 1.1.2 and I’ll probably stop after that (unless Apple release some must-have app for the phone… wifi iTunes was not it, for me)

Did I mention that I love my phone?


One thought on “Fixed the iPhone

  1. kyte 24/11/2007 / 6:06 am

    I caved in on Thursday night, and went through the rather lengthy process of upgrading to 1.1.2. It did not go without the odd hiccup but in many ways was actually easier than the last upgrade in that I now know (mostly) what I am doing and why… and so was able to fix all problems bar one, in which someone else on MacTalk pointed me at the solution…

    In any case, unless there is a really compelling reason to upgrade to the next incarnation of iPhone software, I have reached a point where there isnt anything else I need. Voicemail notification is working perfectly and that was the last issue I was concerned about.

    Done and dusted.

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