iPhone: after one month

I thought I would write a general post regarding the iPhone, now I have had it for a month (well almost, its about 25 days).

The phone itself is eminently useable. I like the way the contacts are laid out and I like the onscreen keypad which beats the pants off any of my previous phones. I can read and use this keypad without removing my specs (I’m shortsighted on the way to being longsighted so I can no longer… usually… leave my specs on to read).

I love the iPod part of the phone. I’ve always liked carrying a bit of music around with me but to be honest, even though I have a 20G iPod, I rarely carried it because it was a pest carrying that and a phone as well. Now I don’t have to, and since I am space challenged, I am going to get some external speakers/radio for the 20G pod, and get all my music onto it. Thats right, I dont have a HUGE amount, but the pod will be excellent. No more futzing about with CDs in the house and I’ll get rid of the elderly stereo which is almost at the end of its life. My old audiotapes are going into the trash today. Most of them are 20+ years old and well past it.

I love being able to sit outside at home and get some fresh air and sunshine and still catch up with emails, via my home network. The iPhone screen is fantastic in direct sunlight. Really.

The camera is excellent. Many people pooh-pooh the camera because its “only” 2MP. thats 1600×1200. I think for a point and shoot happy snapper, thats pretty good. We aren’t going to be taking art-shots here. Thats why you have your DSLR. That said, it does a damned fine job. I’ve taken shots in all kinds of lighting and with the exception of dark (ie no light or very little light) it works just fine. Indoor under fluoro or tungsten work out fine. The lower the light the more grainy the shot but you know… if you are going someplace where you really need to take shots with a flash… take a dedicated camera, because I don’t think any phone cams are good enough for that, not even the ones with builtin flash.

Battery Life:
I must confess I have not actually tested this out much, because I drop it in its dock whenever I am not using it or whenever I get home from work. One day at work last week I discovered that the battery had dropped half its power but I also discovered i had left WiFi on, and whilst continually polling for an access point, it had drained half the battery. The lesson is to switch off things you don’t use. There’s no wifi near work, so theres no point having it on. I do need to drain the battery once a month, according to conventional wisdom, so I guess I’ll do that this weekend.

What I use, of all the features: iPod, phone, sms, camera and wifi. Happy with all of them. Would I buy iPhone again? Most certainly. Hopefully they will be available in Australia next year and everyone can enjoy having one 🙂