iPhone Photographs

I thought I would post a few photos I’ve taken with the iPhone cam. Remember its only 2mp, in a world of 7mp being almost a standard. However, given what it is, and all of its limitations (a single exposure, single speed, single ISO, single aperture setting) I think its pretty good.


2 thoughts on “iPhone Photographs

  1. Ron 11/10/2007 / 6:50 pm

    They are nice and sharp, aren’t they? Lots of detail. And cute puppies too – I wanna reach down and pat the little buggers.

    One thing I hate about getting older is all those great electronic inventions that I’m going to miss when I depart the mortal coil (whatever the heck that phrase means other than ‘life’).

  2. kyte 12/10/2007 / 6:55 am

    I’m mostly ticked off that I’ll miss space travel. I was hoping it would all happen before I dropped off the perch, but “They” were/are more interested in warmongering than getting on with exploration. They won’t head off out there until they have figured a way of making money out of it. Pathetic creatures.

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