iPhone: 8G and fabulous.

You can read about iPhone at Apple and drool over the features. If you are a 3G user, forget it, 3G SIM cards will NOT work in this phone even after it is unlocked. In any case, the current version firmware cannot be unlocked. Yet.

I am wondering what madness Steve Jobs has ventured into, in locking down the availability of the iPhone to specific providers in specific countries. Try ordering at the US Apple store and you will be rejected. It only allows for US credit cards.

However there are ways and means, and mine arrived safe and sound and is now unlocked and fully functional on the old firmware. There are some minor shortcomings for me…
a) Its bluetooth does not connect to my MIO GPS device which is used in the car… so I’ll be selling the MIO, not the iPhone.
b) Its bluetooth does not work with my Mac computer… but its not really at issue, because I have it connected via a cable and dock for syncing, and thats all I ever needed.
c) I cannot update to the latest firmware because I will have a completely bricked phone. An expensive paperweight… until the devteam manages to hack the current firmware.

That said, these are minor issues.

I use my phone for
a) SMS sending and receiving
b) Making a few calls and receiving a few
c) WiFi within the home network if i do not feel like sitting at a computer desk
d) iPod: love it.
e) voice recording via a third party application: very useful after I home visit a client for making short notes before returning to the office computer system
f) Carrying a few favourite photos about
g) Taking “happy snaps” with the built in 2mp camera… its pretty good quality for a camera in a phone and blows my other camera phones out of the water.
h) Taking a few books with me. I currently have the Mars trilogy from Kim Stanley Gardner on board, plsu a few others

And the phone’s flash drive is only half full.

To say that I am impressed at this stage, is putting it mildly. I’ve gone from “I couldnt be bothered with an apple phone” to “this is the best thing since sliced bread”

Be on the lookout for it next year in Australia: but, again, it won’t happen until Apple has tied up a contract with a phone provider here. Will there be any 3G? Only time will tell. I don’t need or want it, so its not an issue for me, but… oh well, its a matter of wait and see.

In the meantime… I’m enjoying what I have 🙂


6 thoughts on “iPhone: 8G and fabulous.

  1. walter 06/10/2007 / 8:41 am

    Nice iphone review – thanks

  2. walter 06/10/2007 / 4:46 pm

    hey can you receive, and send mail via pop? sms?

  3. kyte 06/10/2007 / 5:21 pm

    SMS is fine, easy. POP mail is fine if you have an appropriate phone plan or if you use wifi as I do. I don’t use my phone plan for email, its too expensive.

  4. walter 06/10/2007 / 9:11 pm

    thanks… btw i bought a ipod touch week it was released. Today I met a guy with a iphone and got to play with it, im really wanting the smart phone features the ipodtouch lacks, Im contemplating selling my ipodtouch and purchase a iphone.

  5. kyte 06/10/2007 / 10:31 pm

    Better wait now until the new firmware is unlockable for use by everyone. BTW aqccording to a comment you made in my previous post, you already had someone in the US sending you one. Change your mind?

  6. kyte 22/11/2007 / 4:14 am

    I’ve been able to get it working with the Mio after all so all is well in that department

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