Pasha Bulker Refloat tonight

Alas there will be no photographs. A one kilometre exclusion zone has been set up not only by sea and air, but also on land. There will not even be any pedestrian access… only residents living within the zone will be able to enter the area.

I expect a chosen few commercial and ABC news teams will be permitted to set up cameras to film whatever is going to happen. The rest of us will have to wait until later tonight to find out how it all went. There’s a high tide mid evening and thats when they are going to attempt to get her off the beach. I don’t much like their chances of doing it without damage, they are going to be dragging her over a reef no matter which direction they choose to pull from.

Fingers crossed. The exclusion zone has been set up from 6a.m. AEST, an hour ago as I type this, so no more shots from me for a while unless at some point in the future they give up and just carve her up right there on the beach.