Pasha Bulker: Not done yet, it seems

I went into town for a reason other than going to Nobbys. I failed at that, and so I wandered down to Nobbys anyway. It was early enough for me to be able to park within a reasonable distance on the top road under Fort Scratchley, which, to me, seems to be the best vantage point, although not the closest.


Today, there is a rather large tug attached to the Pasha Bulker by long lines. I am assuming its the tug which brought, and is to lay (if it has not already) a couple of massive anchors wtih which they hope the PB will be able to winch itself off the beach. I don’t know squat about these kinds of things but it seems to me, flat bottom or no, trying to use two anchors to drag 40,000 tons sideways might be a bit of overblown ambition.

It will definitely be an interesting few days.