Payrise for Federal Government

Nothing for the rest of us

Here we are, most of the working population of Australia barely able to make ends meet, and our Federal Government decides its worth an additional 7%. The least paid of them currently gets around $118,000, they get expense accounts, various lurks and perks and in all the package would be worth a lot more…

I haven’t seen evidence of an increase in productivity. Watching parliament “perform” on TV, or listening to them on radio… they deserve about the same wage as a 14 year old…

How about 7% for the whole country? Including people on social security payments. Better still, how about a rational wage for all of them according to what they actually DO? (Which, in many cases, is pretty much nothing)


2 thoughts on “Payrise for Federal Government

  1. coach 23/06/2007 / 5:42 pm

    Couldn’t agree more. And they want to bring in performance based pay for teachers. I want performance based pay for politicians.

  2. kyte 23/06/2007 / 9:21 pm

    In NSW the state (Labor) government wants to cap the wages of nurses, police and teachers to an increase of no more than 2.5% p/a regardless of the CPI or any wage rises others might get.

    See, it doesnt matter what flavour of politics you subscribe to… they are all the same, and always its health, education and policing that get slammed when costs have to be cut. They just don’t get that without a healthy, well educated and safe population, there’s nothing left.

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