Safari for Windows as well as Mac

Nice one, Apple.

There are some of us who use Firefox for its extensions and yet we still revert to Safari more frequently than one might imagine…

Safari is fast, efficient, and just … um… nice looking. What can I say… I like it.

Well, now Windows users can use Safari too. As of the current public beta, Safari is not just for OSX.

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4 thoughts on “Safari for Windows as well as Mac

  1. jtfolden 13/06/2007 / 4:28 am

    I tried this for all of about 45 minutes and then went back to the standard Tiger version. The beta was not properly storing the “Other forms” data which was a bit of a buzz kill for my needs. I love the way the new inline “Find” feature works, though!

  2. kyte 13/06/2007 / 6:54 am

    I like it. I don’t need it to store much, occasional logins is all, and its doing that for me. My friend Chris (the anti-Mac-man) has tried it on his Vista machine and could not get it to behave or display anything. IIRC he couldnt even get an addressbar to type a URL. He’s going to try the next version, or perhaps wait til its primetime.

    My plugins don’t work, of course (I have Pithhelmet, Safari Stand and SaftLite… Stand seems okay but the others barf at load time).

  3. jtfolden 13/06/2007 / 4:49 pm

    I was disappointed, as I really wanted to be able to use it full time… but I do too many repetitive searches and it gets annoying having to re-type everything when I can just hit the first letter or two of the word instead. I’m sure Beta 2 will have it all squared away, though. Although, my understanding is the new WebKit that comes with it breaks some Dashboard widgets.

    The Windows version seems quite a bit more unstable. It will even commonly crash when just typing a word into a form… but really, I don’t believe this beta was quite intended for the average user yet. I think they rushed it out because Windows devs who want to write “apps” for the iPhone need the Safari browser to test them under.

  4. kyte 13/06/2007 / 7:31 pm

    Well, I am using Firefox again :-/ S3 could not seem to access my work email account (web Groupwise) last night and there was something else it wouldn’t display which I have now forgotten. I haven’t tried it with gMail yet but I’m betting that’s likely to be broken too, given how long it took them to get Safari 2 compatible.

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