Labor Party: Complete Idiots.

Some things really piss me off something shocking.

The Labor Party’s decision to give Kelly Hoare the boot in favor of Greg Combet is sickening. Its the kind of thing which turns me OFF a labor vote.

Kelly has been the sitting member for Charlton since (I think) 1998. She’s done a fabulous job. She cares about her constituents because she lives here, she’s lived here all her life. She knows the people, she knows the problems of the area, she knows what needs fixing AND she listens to her constituents. If Kelly stands in Charlton again, the Labor party is assured of a win.

But, in its group wisdom, the Party has decided to kick Kelly out and bring in someone who doesnt live in the area, who has never lived in the area, who hasn’t a clue about the local people and the local situation but has done a fine job as a secretary of the ACTU (Australian Council of Trade Unions) in the Rights at Work campaign. Mind you, if Howard had never pushed his new Industrial Relations policies, nobody would know who the hell Greg Combet is, right now.

They could have had him stand in his own electorate. He would probably win, no matter who the current sitting member is… but instead, they have decided to get rid of Kelly. Lord knows what’s going to happen to her, she’s out of a job. Not because she hasn’t done a good one herself, but because the golden-haired boy has to have a “safe seat”. Obviously they don’t trust him on his own merit, he can only succeed riding on Kelly’s coattails.

I’m sick to bloody death of Party Politics. We should be aiming for Direct Democracy… not this pathetic crap which is designed not for the good of the people but always for the good of the party. Our electoral system is a self-sustaining self-serving nonsense.

Direct Democracy is beginning to be the only thing that makes sense to me.


One thought on “Labor Party: Complete Idiots.

  1. kyte 08/05/2007 / 10:56 am

    And now they are killing off Kelly’s reputation by claiming she’s been bad. They make me utterly sick. Go to hell, ALP!

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