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hisenseI had a lapse. I wasn’t going to do this because there were other things (like proper airconditioning, and maybe a new computer) that I thought I wanted first. But then, I saw this really decent looking and performing TV in Good Guys at Kotara last week. I wandered through on Thursday, and thought “maybe”… bought what I needed on that day and went away again.

Saturday came and when I woke up I realised I was contemplating life with a large TV. So off I went to see what I could get. I had always had my heart set on the midrange Samsung (LA32R71BDX) 81cm, which I had seen in action many times. It came with a builtin HD tuner and I could get it, I discovered, for way less from Bing Lee than anywhere else. Nonetheless I didnt commit because I kept thinking about this noname TV at GG. So I went back and looked again and decided that it was enough for me, I didn’t need to go the whole hog for a Samsung or Sony, and that a decent 81cm for under $1000, with a 3 year in house replacement warranty was good enough.

The TV is made in China, and the company is around 40 years old. Apparently they are one of the top Chinese companies, but haven’t yet made much headway into the Australian market. I’ve seen the brand in JB HiFi, and Good Guys, but nowhere else.

Screen Size (Diagonal) : 32 inches/81cm
Aspect Ratio : 16:9
Native Resolution :1366×768
Viewing Angle : 178(H)/178(V)
Brightness: 500cd/m2
Static Contrast Ratio: 800:1
Response Time: 8ms
HD ready (analog TV tuner only)
Power consumption: 150w
Audio Output: 8W+8W
Connections in: RFx1, Videox2, SVideox2, Audiox4, Y PbPrx1, VGAx1, HDMIx1
Connections out: Videox1, Audiox1 Subwooferx1
Weight 19.5kg
Channel Coverage: VHFL 48.25 to 168.25, VHFH 175.25 to 463.25, UHF 471.25 to 863.25
Analog RGB Mode: VGA, SVGA, XGA
Y PbPr Mode: 480i/60Hz, 480P/60Hz, 576i/50Hz, 576P/50Hz, 720P/60Hz, 1080i/50Hz, 1080i/60Hz

I can use it with a computer, but I reckon its a bit too big: still and all, it has been great, once I got all my bits connected. I’m only connected via the composite cables at the mo, but this weekend I’m going to fritz about with the SCART cable for my set top box, because I am told that improves the picture even more.

It should be said that the built in tuner is just yer basic analog tuner so If you want proper digital TV you do have to have a STB. Mine is standard definition (a Topfield TF4000T) so I can’t get High Definition TV programs but it doesnt really matter… but the time all programs are broadcast in HD, the appropriate STB won’t cost nearly as much as it does at the moment.

Not a lot of sense to be got from me at the moment, I am really enjoying the change from a tiny (by comparison) 51cm CRT TV.


46 thoughts on “Hisense LCD 81cm TV

  1. damo 06/03/2008 / 7:31 pm

    having serious problems working this tv with my pc… i initially thought this was my computers fault but have plugged two “kickass” computers in since and it won’t accept the signal… using the right cables and source… i change my pc resolution to the right size and tried two screening to get it perfect…. still unknown signal….
    am i missing something or is this brand of tv crap?

  2. kyte 06/03/2008 / 9:23 pm

    Well, um, most of us are using it as a TV, not a monitor. I think your best option would be to contact the manufacturer or seller. Like you, I, as the owner of the site, and the others who have replied in comments, are just users.

    Its not crap, but perhaps you are asking it to do something it was not designed for.

  3. Mick 26/03/2008 / 12:19 pm

    Anyone know if this tv has hdcp ?

  4. Aaron 18/05/2008 / 11:01 pm

    Just a warning to anybody who wants the Hisense 32 LCD and use it on their xbox 360!!! HDMI wont work at full hi def quality. The Tv has some resolution issue and cant play at the recommended 720p that the xbox requires when using a HDMI cable. It automatically used 1080i and because of this the picture quality isnt the perfect and crisp image you would expect. The xbox come with HD component cables and they work fine, just dont expect full HD quality.

  5. race rx 14/06/2008 / 5:00 pm

    I am using my Hisense 32″ hd LCD with PS3 and hdmi cable. It is magic, a huge improvement over av cables.

    It’s important to make sure you select the correct source that corresponds with plug location eg HDMI 1,2 or 3

    Computer users should note that most but not not all PC video/graphics cards are compatible.

  6. wes 18/07/2008 / 9:36 am

    hey i just bought the 42” lcd hisense does anyone know how to make your home theatre work though digital t.v. At the moment i can only get it to work though the anolog t.v input. do u need to use component cables or somthings?

  7. Josh 16/08/2008 / 1:19 pm

    I am thinking to buy a 32″ (81cm) LCD hisense, and a PS3 with it today. Would the Tv be a decent for gaming?

  8. tom 26/08/2008 / 1:50 pm

    Hi im thinking of getting a 32″ hisense and was wondering if anyone had foxtel running on theirs? i was told to get hdmi cables which would cost me about 100 bucks to make the picture better, do i need to get foxtel hd to get ful use out of a hd lcd?

  9. kyte 27/08/2008 / 5:25 am

    The short answer is no, Tom, you don’t NEED foxtel for anything. If you want to have it, though, it will go very nicely on an LCD screen. HDMI cables aren’t that expensive either, it depends where you buy. Shop around and you’ll get one for under $40-50. If you don’t want to get foxtel, get yourself a decent HD set-top box (Beyonwiz + Icetv is a very nice bit of kit)… I know there’s a builtin tuner, but a separate STB allows a bit more flexibility. MY Hisense did not have HD tuner, just analog, which is crap, but even if it did, I think I would still be looking at getting a Beyonwiz now (as it happens, I am, anyway, the TEAC isnt that good)

  10. Tash 04/11/2008 / 5:27 pm

    Hi, my husband and I have just bought the current model Hisense 42″ Full HD LCD Television from JB. It is actually a present for my parents for Xmas (all the ‘kids’ put in) and we chose it as we got it for a really good price and because of the 3 year warranty.
    Obviously we will be giving it to my parents on Xmas day and I would hate it if it wouldn’t tune properly or something on the day, as we couldn’t just go out and buy the cables or whatever we needed. I know it might take a bit of fiddling with to get it working, like all TVs, but is there anything in particular we should know, or anything we should buy, such as a HDMI cable, to try and increase the chances that it will work – properly – on the day?? The guys at JB said no, but just thought I would ask??

  11. Tash 04/11/2008 / 5:28 pm

    I should add that the TV won’t be connected to a sound system or anything, probably just a DVD player…..

  12. kyte 04/11/2008 / 5:34 pm

    As posted in the original, mine is old and has an analog tuner, so anything that follows here is guesswork and expectation.

    If its got a built in HD tuner, its good to go, TV wise, you don’t even need a set-top box. I had to have the STB scan for channels, it found them and bob’s yer uncle. I assume the builtin HD digital tuners behave in much the same way

  13. Tash 04/11/2008 / 5:48 pm

    Great, thanks for that. It has an inbuilt HD tuner so hopefully all will go well. We had a scare this morning when my mother-in-law advised that her nine weekd old 26″ Hisense basically crapped itself last week, but we have already bought the 42″ so fingers crossed everything is all ok.

  14. kyte 04/11/2008 / 6:38 pm

    ooo, Tash, fingers crossed. The thing is, 9 weeks old and all, they will replace it no questions asked. Mine is over a year old now, and its going strong, never looked like missing a beat. its a pain to have to have a set-top box, on the other hand, i love having a bigish screen 🙂

  15. Kate 28/11/2008 / 10:25 am

    Hi all,

    My inlaws are currently having all sorts of issues with hisense at the moment……wondering if anyone is experiencing the same.

    The TV packed up when daylight savings come into effect. That was no issue as there is a 3yr replacement warranty…..(didn’t read fine print) infact what they have done is sent out someone else’s old tv no security tags, remote, leads, stand, its scratched, dented and the list goes on!

    The TV they purchased was 3 months old and they are stuck with this TV that they did not pay for. No one will help or want to assist and the problem extends to the “Good Guys” where the TV was purchased. They want nothing to do with the issue (even with a extended warranty purchase)

    I can’t talk the issue up enough on the internet, but we are now contemplating going to A Current Affair or Today Tonight to have this exposed.

    Anyone that has had issues with their Hisense TV please post a blog!


  16. kyte 28/11/2008 / 11:58 am

    Oh dear thats sounds dreadful. I must confess I have had not one issue with my TV since I bought it 18 months ago, and at the price at the time if I had got a good year out of it I would have been delighted.

    I don’t understand for one moment why the TV would have been affected by daylight savings, because I didnt think a TV would care whether it was daylight saving or not… mine doesnt… but… oh well..

    good luck.

  17. Bec 01/12/2008 / 6:14 pm

    HI, I have a Hisense digital TV model HSLC8129HDI, about 12 months old, and it dropped SBS last week and I turned it on last night and it had dropped every single channel from the channel list and has ‘no signal’ on the screen for both digital or analogue.

    It worked fine as of yesterday, nothing has been touched, any ideas? Appreciate any advise as I my partner purchased it and I can’t locate the receipt to get any warranty service. Thanks.

  18. Bec 01/12/2008 / 7:19 pm

    Re the last mesage, I’ve guessed the pin code and have auto re-installed the digital channels – might help some other technophobe if they experince the same problem!

  19. GARRETT 29/12/2008 / 1:42 pm

    I bought my 40″ hisense on boxing day for $458. It is amazeig so far.

  20. hui 04/01/2009 / 12:05 am

    Yes,I agree your point. I bought a 46” LCD. The quality of picture is better than Sony.

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