Second Life

I wrote some time ago about an online game in which real dollars could be earned, and bemoaned the fact that as a Mac user, I could not play.

No such restriction exists in Second Life, and in fact there’s also an early alpha download available for Linux users, as well. Again, its an online “real” world, in which you earn Linden Dollars, which can be sent to a real world bank account as offline dollars. You go in with a fake name and an avatar, amd move in this world as you would in the real world. You can interact with other players, buy and sell property, go nightclubbing, buy clothes etc etc… It all costs money but you can join as a free member and take a look around.

I’ve only just joined and depending on how I find it, I MIGHT upgrade. For those who are looking for something different, here’s my link (yes, its a referral link, please don’t remove the referral code, its worth $2000 Linden for everyone who upgrades).

You can play as a free member, or upgrade with a monthly fee which entitles you to a certain bonus payment to begin, and then $300 Linden dollars per month as a stipend.

It should be noted that Linden dollars are NOT equivalent to offline dollars. I’m not sure what the exchange rate is.

Why don’t you join as a free member, and have a play?