New Hosting: Thanks, Ron!

So I took Ron’s advice and looked carefully at a new host (yes, I know this was going to do me, but like Ron, and Michael, I really do want a bit more control over my site, after all).

Jumba Hosting
came out the winner for me. I have wanted to have my site on an Australian server for a very long time but until recently, they have been priced beyond what I am prepared to pay. I was certainly happy with the service and support at A Small Orange, but I got to thinking about costing and what I was using, and decided it was time to move on. For the hosting there, I was paying in the order of $AU70-80 for the “Small” package, depending on the exchange rate (its pretty good right now) and for the tiny hosting I had before, it was still costing me about $AU50 a year, though I notice that now the price has dropped somewhat.

Jumba is offering something more in terms of space (but not bandwidth, but I dont need much more than 1G anyway), than ASO’s “tiny”, and at a lower price, for me. $29.95 a year will do me just fine, and I have no problem justifying the expense… and server access will be much faster for me.

So here we go again… backup the WordPress database in preparation for a move to the new host, because even though I have only just placed the order before writing this, I have already received the activation notice and the nameserver information for my domain delegation. Talk about efficiency!!


7 thoughts on “New Hosting: Thanks, Ron!

  1. Jumba is very good and they have forums – not as ‘one big family’-like as Aussiehosts but still a good community. If I had a hosting company, forums would be a priority and I would strive for the old AH atmosphere.

    Once you’ve used AU-based hosting, it would be difficult to go back to US-hosting. With broadband you can upload a WordPress site and not have time for a quick toilet break!

    $29.95 pa = about 50c a week. Well worth it and very cheap for the personal control of a standalone WP site.

    /end soapbox

  2. Oh I see you posted at both sites.

    Yeah Jumba is wonderful… the speed, the speed. No more having to cross the pacific.

    I decided to keep this theme too, for the moment, although this version has a few minor tweaks and differences to the one thats available at

  3. Hi kyte – I am so glad I saw this post. I am looking for a new host for a new sports site I am trying to get off the ground. Jumba looks the goods at least until the new site grows into a mega popular behemoth that will rival…you get the idea. Even the $99.95 per year plan is on a par with most of the realistic US based plans (except the all you can eat for $1.99 a month scams).

  4. I’m pleased so far, though I have been reading here and there that some people are disgruntled. It seems to happen when there are support issues… so if you need support… hmmm.

  5. Had nothing better to do so did a traceroute on our blogs and we’re on the same server.

    Thought you’d be excited! 🙂

  6. And who made me blog policeman? You might well ask.

    (No, I haven’t been drinking. I am a teetotaller.)

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