New Hosting: Thanks, Ron!

So I took Ron’s advice and looked carefully at a new host (yes, I know this was going to do me, but like Ron, and Michael, I really do want a bit more control over my site, after all).

Jumba Hosting
came out the winner for me. I have wanted to have my site on an Australian server for a very long time but until recently, they have been priced beyond what I am prepared to pay. I was certainly happy with the service and support at A Small Orange, but I got to thinking about costing and what I was using, and decided it was time to move on. For the hosting there, I was paying in the order of $AU70-80 for the “Small” package, depending on the exchange rate (its pretty good right now) and for the tiny hosting I had before, it was still costing me about $AU50 a year, though I notice that now the price has dropped somewhat.

Jumba is offering something more in terms of space (but not bandwidth, but I dont need much more than 1G anyway), than ASO’s “tiny”, and at a lower price, for me. $29.95 a year will do me just fine, and I have no problem justifying the expense… and server access will be much faster for me.

So here we go again… backup the WordPress database in preparation for a move to the new host, because even though I have only just placed the order before writing this, I have already received the activation notice and the nameserver information for my domain delegation. Talk about efficiency!!


7 thoughts on “New Hosting: Thanks, Ron!

  1. Ron 11/04/2007 / 11:34 pm

    Jumba is very good and they have forums – not as ‘one big family’-like as Aussiehosts but still a good community. If I had a hosting company, forums would be a priority and I would strive for the old AH atmosphere.

    Once you’ve used AU-based hosting, it would be difficult to go back to US-hosting. With broadband you can upload a WordPress site and not have time for a quick toilet break!

    $29.95 pa = about 50c a week. Well worth it and very cheap for the personal control of a standalone WP site.

    /end soapbox

  2. kyte 12/04/2007 / 3:30 am

    Oh I see you posted at both sites.

    Yeah Jumba is wonderful… the speed, the speed. No more having to cross the pacific.

    I decided to keep this theme too, for the moment, although this version has a few minor tweaks and differences to the one thats available at

  3. coach 13/04/2007 / 8:00 am

    Hi kyte – I am so glad I saw this post. I am looking for a new host for a new sports site I am trying to get off the ground. Jumba looks the goods at least until the new site grows into a mega popular behemoth that will rival…you get the idea. Even the $99.95 per year plan is on a par with most of the realistic US based plans (except the all you can eat for $1.99 a month scams).

  4. kyte 13/04/2007 / 10:29 am

    I’m pleased so far, though I have been reading here and there that some people are disgruntled. It seems to happen when there are support issues… so if you need support… hmmm.

  5. Ron 16/04/2007 / 10:33 am

    Had nothing better to do so did a traceroute on our blogs and we’re on the same server.

    Thought you’d be excited! 🙂

  6. Ron 16/04/2007 / 10:33 am

    Someone hasn’t set the time yet. 😉

  7. Ron 16/04/2007 / 10:35 am

    And who made me blog policeman? You might well ask.

    (No, I haven’t been drinking. I am a teetotaller.)

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