Advertisement: Global Pension Plan

Bumped to the top 🙂

I’ve looked GPP over for 6 months and decided that its a worthwhile investment. Membership is limited to 100,000. As I type this, there are about 34,500 members. I have a number in my downline so I would like to promote their links here, along with my own (its over there in the sidebar in the form of a graphic, as well as a banner at the top of this page).

If you consider it (a return of 55,000 euros for an outlay of 30 euros) its a good gamble. Yes there are requirements for being paid and the offer is time limited. If you are over 66 at the time paperwork is signed, you wont be eligible for more than the loyalty bonuses, but given that this is 2000 euros per person down 12 levels, its okay, really.

If you have any questions about funding, don’t hesitate to ask (Comments section is very useful at times like this) and if not interested, move along please.

I know… it all seems too good to be true, and maybe it is… but, oh well, lets see. Believe me, if it works, I’ll be posting a LARGE sign somewhere, signalling PARTY-TIME!

Addit: Looks like closure could be as early as August. The exponential increase factor is starting to kick in. Current member numbers are in excess of 38,000.