Something Weird going on.

All my pix have vaporised (Perhaps its just me). Additionally I had to sign in again today, which seems odd, as I have not needed to for a long time. Hack? Maybe.

[Edit] No hack, just me installing various firefox extensions and finding one I didn’t want which seems to have deprived me of the ability to see the graphics on my own site. It seems to work fine with Camino (but I can’t see it with Safari because I have a bot-checker activated which stops Safari from viewing my site. Mad, isnt it. On the other hand
“Bad Behavior has blocked 769 access attempts in the last 7 days.”

[Edit #2] Seems it was Adblockplus which was the culprit. Thats just weird. I could not see *any* of the photographs or the header on the page, and yet it allowed me to see some of the advertising in the sidebar. Need to do some serious alteration of its prefs (if I can find them)

[Edit #3] Well gee. Now I remember. I was having a senior moment. I had tried to set up an exception filter for hamarana at some point in the past, and instead ended up with ham being added to the bad site list. I had forgotten and had disabled ABP for some time and did not remember until I reactivated it and could look at the filter list. silly me.