Google Picture Gallery: Picasaweb

Windows users who have been using Picasa, and who also use gmail, now have access to online photo storage in the form of Picasaweb. Mac users can also access Picasaweb via an iPhoto plugin, or in the same download, a freestanding uploader somewhat similar to the Flickr Uploader.

However, where Flickr costs $$ to customise to any great extent, as usual, Google’s offering is free.

I’ve created a couple of online albums to demonstrate the offering. You can make albums public or private and at this stage theres not a whole heap else you can do. No commenting, for example.

Nonetheless, its a good deal. Go take a look!


2 thoughts on “Google Picture Gallery: Picasaweb

  1. Michael 09/11/2006 / 1:24 am

    As I understand it, you can’t secure albums on Picasaweb yet. On Flickr you can restrict access. This is useful for parents, for example, who don’t want their children’s pictures exposed on the web, but want them available to nana and aunties.

  2. kyte 10/11/2006 / 5:24 pm

    Not quite sure what you mean by secure. They have public and private so that if you want to have your kids pix for Nana, as long as you have the URL you can send it on and Nan can see the pix. It won’t be listed publicly. You have to make this choice for each album you create.

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