North Korea and Nuke Tests

Well, they did it.

I wonder what will happen now. We have a country led by a very shrewd, calculating, dangerous man, which now has the capacity to develop a weapon which can be delivered by missile to anywhere in the world. We also have a country with millions of people who do not have enough food, thanks to ongoing sanctions by the rest of the planet.

Most of the western world is proposing new sanctions (lord knows what, I don’t think there’s much left), whilst China is a little reluctant (I guess if I was living in a country sharing a border with North Korea, I would be a bit nervous too). Some are saying there will now be a buildup of Nuclear arms in the region, with Japan and Taiwan likely to take that option (and others as well but those are the two I remember being mentioned).

Starving nations with nuke capacity are pretty scary. Starving nations with nuke capacity and a leader who seems quite incapable of working with the rest of the planet are even more scary.