Iraq War: What the..?

I saw Alexander (Head Prefect) Downer sounding off this evening on the news in his usual fashion, defending the Iraq war. Somehow this man and his mate John (School Captain) Howard have still not got the message that the Australian public KNOWS for certain that there is no connection between Iraq and what happened on September 11 in New York.

I find it absolutely amazing that in spite of all the evidence being in favour of having allowed Saddam Hussein to continue his oppression of his people (in other words, I know the guy is a nasty piece of work), we still went to war on the pretence of there having been Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. We know there were none, we know Saddam did as he was told and stopped the development of a nuclear program and yet… there we are.

The inevitable result is a constant battle between various religious sects and tribes, for power. It is already a civil war, but nobody is calling it yet. Its a bloody nightmare over there, WE caused it, and now we use its existence for justification of our presence. Thats as psychopathic as someone saying “I hit him because he was going to hit me and now that he hit me back, my first hit is justified”.

Our leaders are raving psychopaths who need to be shut down. Please god the next election brings some sense because right now, this lunacy is creating more problems than it ever could possibly have solved.


3 thoughts on “Iraq War: What the..?

  1. Michael 07/10/2006 / 1:10 am

    For everything I dislike about Latham he got Iraq right and the rest of the Labor Party has been too gutless to challenge the orthodox political view.

    It’s a mess now. I keep thinking it’s too bad there’s no oil in Zimbabwe.

  2. kyte 07/10/2006 / 11:14 am

    Too true. The notion that the USA only did what it did to get at the oil might also be borne out by the fact that its not doing any sword rattling at North Korea which refuses to play ball, at all. “Lets just get back to the negotiating table” they say. No oil there either.

    The truth of the matter is that the USA doesnt really care who has nuclear arms, because in a pinch, the US can destroy the world many times over, whereas NK and its ilk can only do it once. USA only cares about where the oil is, and it will use whatever excuses are necessary no matter how transparent (because it doesnt really care if anyone agrees with it or not) and whatever blackmail it needs to, to get “agreement” and “support” from the likes of the UK and Australia.

    I’m over it.

  3. kyte 19/10/2006 / 11:38 am

    Further to my last comment… noted that the US is now sword rattling.

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