Internode: Best ISP in Australia

I really don’t know why I bothered with any other ISP before moving to Internode. This ISP has to be the complete bees knees. It features a massive free data transfer area, including free access to all parts of the Australian Broadcasting Commission website (including podcasts, streaming video and the like), the CEO of the company hangs out on our local broadband information forums (Whirlpool), ansd the service is second to none. It might not be the cheapest (and its not even close to being the most expensive!) but it beats the hell out of every other Australian provider, as far as I am concerned.

Its most recent feature upgrades include free access to Supernews (through Internode’s own servers), a US based usenet provider which would normally cost a minimum of around $6 a month, and today I read at Whirlpool that Internode now has a feature which examines outgoing mail quantities and detects if your computer is a) spamming or b) being used as a zombie machine for someone else’s misdoings.

Internode is fabulous. If you live in Australia and are with anyone else, you’re crazy.


One thought on “Internode: Best ISP in Australia

  1. giovanni 07/10/2006 / 10:26 pm

    Yes I agree on all advantages of the ‘node’.
    More important it seems the ‘node’ have great ability to alert you spammers, but not root kit hijack> symptoms are….. massive bandwidth use out and very little more,
    the ‘node’ will let you know sometimes.
    My linux system went haywire for a while on the out, I was rather bemused, later I found one arse buggering intrusion and on further looks appeared to be a blackhack???.
    I checked the md5checksum, it was different. It also seemed that the sys file had been manipulated and a discreet address change into the system call table.
    I’m a Linux novice but this one gave me a wake up for any OS, I use; outgoing mail traffic is good to keep an eye on!~ but it aint always the case.
    I hope and it all seems calm waters at the moment but I remain vigilant.

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