Speaking of the Language …

Which I was not, but am going to, right now…

I’ve noticed a lot of linguistic change in Australia, its probably because I studied linguistics at University (it was my Major) and I tend to be sensitised to language oddities. With or without a study of Linguistics, however, I am sensitised to language change which just seems stupid to me.

Example #1: I do understand why people use shortened versions of words for sending text messages from their mobile phones. Its a pest at times to have to spell out the entire word, and, additionally, theres usually a character limit for each message. I do NOT want to see that same shortened text message style used to send me an email, or to post in forums. Its the lazy option, and its totally incomprehensible to those of us who do not know all the terms.

Example #2: I do not understand why you would use the future tense of a verb when speaking of something which has already occurred. I regularly attend a local club. Cheap meals which are these days only a quarter way decent, a flutter on the pokies for $5, and raffles for all kinds of things because you get tickets in them for swiping your membership card or tickets for other things for purchasing meals etc. Last night, as every night, the meat raffle was called by a very nice young man. However, he *always* says (after pressing the button which produces a number) “the next number will be” blah blah whatever it is. HUH? Is he psychic? Nope, he just keeps using the wrong tense. I do not know why he is incapable of saying “The next number is…”. When he’s calling our peoples names, its “the next winner will be Joe Bloggs” or “the next winner is going to be Joe Bloggs”. How do you get to that? Amazing.

Other annoyances which I have mentioned before
Using “your”, when a person means “you’re”.
A complete lack of awareness that there are differences between “there”, “their” and “they’re”.
Incorrect verb usage as in “I’ve did it” instead of “I’ve done it” and “I done it” instead of “I did it”.

You guess it… I’m a pedant about some things. This is not to say that my own language use is perfect, its not. But I do cringe, often. And don’t get me going about the use of homeboy Americanisms amongst our teens who do not come from the same environmental and social influences as the American kids who use that kind of language… how unimaginative is *that*?



2 thoughts on “Speaking of the Language …

  1. tdinoz 29/09/2006 / 12:54 pm

    He should be saying “the next winner “WILL” be Tdinoz”
    The “pokie” being the only winner most times I visit my local club or local. arrrg

  2. kyte 29/09/2006 / 5:40 pm

    nonono “the next winner WILL b e kyteflyer”

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