Whale Watching: What I did not see

Humbpack Whale

This photo thanks to Imagine Tours of Port Stephens. We went out for hours today on Imagine, a really nice catamaran with a very nice crew (Dig, Ray and Jane the ship’s Master) and much as they tried, the whale sightings were few and far between. Not even a dolphin came to play. Its a matter of luck, I guess. Maybe the animals were resting up because school holidays are about to begin.

I can recommend the tour, though, and plan to go again.

Visit their website here and see more photographs, as well as the one shown above.


3 thoughts on “Whale Watching: What I did not see

  1. Shame things weren’t better. But if you had been in Sunny Queensland , nudge, nudge, you could have seen them from Hervey Bay.LOL
    At least you are getting out and about. Something I don’t do too much of these days.
    I hope you don’t mind, but I will have a look around whilst I am here.

  2. As it happens, on the very day we were out seeing not much at all, apparently there were quite a few back in Newcastle, playing off Newcastle Beach. Should have just stayed in town and saved the dollars. Still and all, its better than sitting at home.

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