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If you have a domain, and you don’t have as much of a need for a googlified web presence as for your email to be safe and efficient, you might want to consider having your email hosted by google (basically, gmail for your domain).

I have been filtering my hamarana.com mail through my gmail address for quite some time but I have now taken the opportunity to give this a trial. Its pretty easy to set up, and I have not moved my website which is still hosted by ASO.

Its a simple matter of changing the MX records so email at your domain knows to be routed to the google servers instead of wherever you currently have it routed to.

Fairly obviously, this only works if you own your own domain. If you do not move your website as well, you will need to create a small HTML file, and upload it to the root of your site, as part of the verification process.

Take a look at Google Apps for your Domain


4 thoughts on “Even More from Google

  1. Michael 10/09/2006 / 5:15 pm

    I really like this tool from Google. I had almost given up using my personal domain email because of spam, but the Google filter is pretty good. I like being able to access email from any computer and the search capability is excellent.

  2. kyte 10/09/2006 / 7:48 pm

    Getting that spam gone from hamarana has been wonderful. When I first got the domain I had kyte@ as my main address… it got spammified so fast, and even now, when I have not actually used it for… hmm… about 5 years… if I recreate it, I get spam, right away (and I am talking within seconds).

    I hate spam. I REALLY hate spam.

  3. Michael 11/09/2006 / 11:51 pm

    I’m with you there. We must have both killed a couple of Chinamen, or given our email addresses out on dud sites before we knew better.

  4. kyte 12/09/2006 / 7:50 am

    Definitely the latter. There is also the issue of one’s friends forwarding emails to god knows who, and people NEVER snipping email addresses from forwards.

    I usually BCC these days because you never know where the addies will end up. I once received one at work which had been forwarded umpteen dozen times. I counted (yeah it was a slow and tedious day) the number… but stopped counting at 300 email addresses. That was an instant spam list and nobody on it would have had a clue as to how their email address ended up on someone’s spam list.

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