Test the speed of your DSL Connection

There are a lot of these speedtests around, but none match this site for good design: Link found on Whirlpool in this thread.

Very neat interface.

I have a 512/128 connection to Internode, having decided I really don’t need the full speed of a 1500, and knowing I will never have access to ADSL2+…

Here are my results for a test to Sydney

And one to New York

Try the Speedtest, yourself


One thought on “Test the speed of your DSL Connection

  1. captain custard 23/08/2006 / 11:31 pm

    Yep I got av of 126kbs upload but all varies upon the quality of server I’m pinging. (1500/256 node) I guess the old cooking term how “chunky it is” applies to connectivity. I plan to give it a few tries at differerent times. Fun tho and BTW kyte!

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