Free iPods

It seems to be possible to get a free iPod. In order to do this you need to sign up at the website, take up one of the offers (which is mandatory and WILL cost a dollar or so) and then refer people.

It seems to be optional whether you have an email sent to your friends, or whether you post your link as I have just now in blogs or your email sig or whatever. You just need 8 people to also sign up under you and there you go… free ipod.

I have chosen a 30G video iPod (black), signed up for $1.39 (AUD) at some psychic site, and now it remains to be seen if I get the 8 referrals. I refuse to harass my friends with this one.

[Edited] More Info to hand: there is a 90 day time limit to complete the offer *and* gete 8 referrals. Your 8 referrals must also complete all their stuff within the 90 day limit imposed on them, for you to be credited. Anotehr Point: There is a verification email which needs to be activated for anything to happen at all. It doesnt seem to be sent automatically… best to access your account prior to taking up an offer, wherein you can click on a link to have the email sent. Then go on with the other steps.