Autosurfing and Poor Judgement

Its been a steep learning curve and fortunately my losses have not been excessive (only about $20AU at the moment). However, against my better judgement I have gotten into some more autosurfs, the most recent being 12by12Daily, an offshoot of another company which has been running for almost a year.

Current listing:

I am also in AsianPay‘s Investor Corner. This is whats known as an LYIP (Low Yield Investment Program) and whilst its return is much less than the Autosurf and HYIP programs, its still more than you’ll get from your bank. It is not available to anyone except AsianPay members who are at least basic verified.

Oh, and gold is all over the shop again. Up by $6 overnight on Sunday, down by $20 today. Looks like the speculators are at it again.