Teenage females and doorbells

Can anyone explain to me the fascination that teen females (usually sub-15) have with ringing doorbells and then running away?

I seem to recall when coparenting a teen female that this was highly amusing to her, as well. But it was something she did occasionally, not daily, as has become the habit in my neighbourhood.

I left my former abode to come out to the burbs to escape ferals… They seem to have followed me: my street is now full of renters, rather than the owner/occupiers who were here 6 years ago when I first started looking… and they aren’t what you’d call “quality” renters.

Am I being precious? You betcha! I want a quiet life, I work in a people industry and I do not want it following me into my own environment. These budding antisocial PDs banging on my door and ringing the bell are just what I need to galvanise me into shaping up and shipping out.

Well, either that, or build a 6 foot brick fence. There are many advantages to fences. One of those is being able to keep people OUT and stop the vexatious opportunistic rubbish behaviours one sees so much of.



4 thoughts on “Teenage females and doorbells

  1. Geoff 02/07/2006 / 9:12 pm

    Maybe a big loud-barking dog would stop them?

  2. kyte 02/07/2006 / 11:49 pm

    Bite your tongue! I am a cat person! Hmmm… perhaps a tiger….

  3. Giovanni 12/07/2006 / 1:12 am

    Shoot them with a micrpchip and scan them years later for retribution sake will ya.

  4. drmike 13/07/2006 / 7:00 am

    Maybe they like you? 😉

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