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I saw something about this site on one of those “current affairs” shows the other night (I’m using quotes there because theres not a lot of current affairs in them, IMO).

Auction-Australia has been set up by a young man as a direct competitor to eBay. The rationale for having done so is as follows:

Why list on Auction-Australia???
There are three very important reasons why you would benefit by using Auction-Australia over other auction web sites.

1. Cheaper
* Auction-Australia has cheaper listings than eBay and most other sites.
* Auction-Australia does not charge commissions on the sale of your item.
2. Fairer
* Auction-Australia has a fairer system for bidding. Instead of the auction artificially ending at a set time, our auctions are extended by one minute every time another bid is placed. This feature means that programs such as “Auction Sniper” will not work on Auction-Australia. This is the way auctions naturally work in the marketplace.
* Auction-Australia does not operate proxy bidding, eliminating a lot of the problems associated with this feature.
3. Australian
* With the majority of listings being Australian, it is easier for Auction-Australia to prosecute fraudulent sellers and buyers who operate on this site. Auction-Australia has a zero policy to fraudulent activities and will not only suspend the account immediately, it will also report all offences to the Australian Federal Police.
* Auction-Australia is a wholly owned and operated Australian auction site. With our main competitor turning over in excess of $200 million per year in Australian listing fees, this translates to a lot of money leaving our country every year. All Auction-Australia’s profits stay in Australia.

And with all the scamming going on at eBay (and set to increase as more spammers and scammers hit the market) I rather think that supporting this site is the best thing any Aussie can do.

I’m joining as soon as I finish typing this post

Check out Auction-Australia now


11 thoughts on “Auction Australia

  1. Matilda 10/07/2007 / 6:50 am

    I have already got items listed on Auction-Australia, but haven’t had any buyers, I’ve also got credit in my account with them & now the site has gone MISSING ???
    Please help

  2. kyte 10/07/2007 / 5:23 pm

    I wish I *could* help, Matilda. I joined the site and got truckloads of email reporting on how things were going so well for them, but when I went to look at what was on offer, hardly anything was actually selling and people just weren’t interested. eBay has everyone’s attention and I still won’t go there.

    I’m sorry it seems you have lost money there, I don’t know if you have any contact details for them (I don’t any longer)… and you should phone them if you do. The site may be being attacked …DDoS… it seems that one’s browser tries to get there but cannot… this is usually sign of a DDoS attack although not guaranteed, but it would seem to me that they haven’t deliberately taken it down.

    Keep trying over the next few days is all I can suggest.

  3. afmcarib 03/08/2007 / 10:24 pm

    A few months ago there was email from auction australia that one of their major investors had withdrawn support, and as a result communication would be limited. Unfortunately, it would seem the website has suffered as well. Perhaps there was not enough support.

  4. kyte 04/08/2007 / 3:02 am

    I figured the site had suffered, my emails from them stopped entirely a couple of months back, and I had not even registered its absence.

    Not enough support: almost certainly. As I said in a previous post, people were advertising but nobody was buying. They had big ambitions but it didn’t work. Without real sales there was no income, and with no income, there can be no site.

  5. Kirsten Pawlicki 30/06/2008 / 10:19 am

    Auction-Australia is a Scam, the 17yr old boy who is running it is stealing entire life savings from families.
    He is a scam artist and should be put in jail.

  6. Kirsten Pawlicki 30/06/2008 / 10:20 am

    it was on national nine news by the way.

  7. kyte 30/06/2008 / 2:49 pm

    Yes, Kirsten, we have seen the reports on TV. My post was from August of last year, and, as you see, I was suggesting that it wasnt going to fly. Hopefully something can be done about the boy who ran it, but bear in mind that he’s a minor. His mother is going to have to answer questions as well.

  8. Graham 28/08/2008 / 11:37 pm

    While no means a viable alternative to eBay or Oztion (Australia’s 2nd biggest auction site), Oz Bidder (dot com) charges no fees at all, relying on voluntary donations only.

    There is a Classifieds section where you can get a free store, list items at a fixed price and people can actually buy these items 24/7 using PayPal.

    The owner is far from 17 years old and has no major overheads to contend with.

    It is worth a look.

  9. kyte 29/08/2008 / 5:14 am

    Graham, I normally don’t allow advertising on my blog, but I am making an exception this time.

    The problem with any auction site after ebay is getting people to use it. I don’t know anyone who actually uses Oztion, although people keep talking about it. EBay’s fees are just getting stupid, but profit must be made. You’ll need to seriously consider charging fees too, if you are to survive.

    I will, indeed, take a look. Because its an Aussie site.

  10. Graham 29/08/2008 / 2:46 pm

    Thank you for making an exception, I know how spamming in blogs and forums is a webmaster’s nightmare.

    However, I am a one-man operation – with no ambitions to compete with eBay. My site is for Australian Mums and Dads who only have a few items to sell.

    It does not cost me much to run the site and have no desire to introduce fees. If customers are happy, donations are gladly accepted.

    As corny as it sounds, I am under no misapprehension of making a lot of money from this site, but in offering Australians a genuine chance to have a place to go that doesn’t cost them an arm and a leg to sell items.

  11. kyte 29/08/2008 / 4:24 pm

    I’ve been to look, Graham, and am currently awaiting approval for membership of the forum. It looks like a decent site and on reading your forum posts I can see that you are quite genuine in wanting to do the right thing. If it all pans out, I’ll be happy to advertise your site in the blog, I don’t do a lot of ads, but something like this deserves a chance. I get between 5 and 8,000 visitors a month here, and even though a vast number are “drivebys” there are bound to be some who will pause and take note. Fingers crossed.

    Oh yeah, be corny as you like. We like that too 🙂

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